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The Top 5 Plus-Size Fitness Brands for Exercising in Style

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One of biggest dilemmas every plus-size woman faces is finding the right clothes for their daily fitness routine. Just because they have a dress size that are beyond what people in the fashion industry dub as “straight”, it doesn’t mean that they just sit on their ass eating popcorn or chocolates all day. They do sweat it out, too.

However, whether you play your favorite sports or take daily walks every day, you might have noticed that one of the problems you have met as a plus-size woman is finding the kind of exercise clothes that will allow you to move with ease, yet won’t rob you of the need to look your best. Most of the ones available that you have found so far may have been quite hideous and unflattering that sometimes you just forgo them altogether and run in your sweats and T-shirt.

It is a good thing that the plus-size fashion industry is now branching out to embrace all types of clothing and has given every plus-size woman good choices, whether they are looking for swimwear, lingerie, gowns, or in this case, exercise outfits. There are already brands that have given a whole new meaning to the word comfortable.

Check out the top 5 plus-size fitness brands that will provide you with active wear that do not sacrifice style for comfort below:

1.) NOLA Activewear by Addition Elle

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Addition Elle is a Canadian brand that caters specifically to plus-size women. This brand, which is not affiliated with the famous Elle magazine, is a pun on the French word additionelle, which means additional in English.

Addition Elle’s NOLA Activewear gives a refreshing take on personal style when working up a sweat. The NOLA Activewear offers a wide range of functional pieces that include microshorts and yoga blouses in fun and flatteringly bold colors and sassy prints.

2.) Taffy Activewear

Fitness Brands

The concept of the Taffy Activewear from Lolly38,LLC plus-size fashion line is that when women feel good about how they look, they will work harder.

Taffy Activewear is a fitness line known for its stylish workout clothes. One of the main features of this popular fitness brand is the fact that body shape was taken into great consideration in the creation of their pieces. Their outfits are designed specifically for sizes 12-24.

3.) Avenue Activewear

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Want a classy touch to your activewear? Avenue’s fitness collection is just the right brand for you, as it comes with chic pieces that will not only add a bit of dramatic flair to your workout clothing, but will also show off your curves. Whether it is doing yoga in a studio or taking an afternoon walk in the park, this fitness brand also makes among the most versatile pieces in the market.

4.) Zella Nordstrom

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Nordstrom is known for their incredible high-end fashion creations for plus-size women. As such, it comes as no surprise that their fitness wear delivers the same kind of promise. Zella’s workout wear not only features bright colors, but also provides support and comfort without sacrificing style.

5.) Livi Active by Lane Bryant

Fitness Brands

Lane Bryant is a name that is synonymous with the plus-size community. From lingerie to daily wardrobe pieces, this brand has everything that every plus-size woman needs, including active wear. The Livi line from Lane Bryant offers a wide range of fashion forward fitness pieces, from tank tops to tennis dresses. Their wide selection comes in bright and neutral colors that are quite affordable.

Getting fit does not have to be synonymous with looking drab and boring. Part of getting more from your workout is feeling good about what you wear. So, find the best plus-size fitness brand that gives you what you are looking for in exercise clothing.

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