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ELOQUII and Refinery29’s Revolutionary Crowdsourced Plus-Size Collection Will Change the Game

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For many plus-size women, shopping for clothes can feel like a chore. Many American women fall between sizes 16 and 18, and yet it’s extremely rare to find designers that offer their creations in sizes above a 10 or 12. Even those brands that claim size inclusivity still fall short as they only sell their plus-size option online and not in actual brick-and-mortar stores. All these only reinforce the long-held belief by plus-size consumers that when it comes to giving them valid options, the fashion industry has been measured but found wanting. 

Holly Bissonnette |

Even when we do get options, a lot of the designs lack style and creativity, and they leave the wearer with no chance to express her personality through her clothes. Plus-size clothing often has a vibe that tends to scream “mass-produced,” and the customer has no choice but to settle for whatever dull and dreary factory-assembled outfit has been marketed to her. There are already a few options, and whatever options there are that are available to her don’t take her needs and personal tastes in mind. 

With that said, there are a few brands out there that are truly trying their best to switch up the fashion industry game when it comes to plus-size wear. ELOQUII and Refinery29 are two such brands, with their launch of their history-making collaboration of a plus-size collection that’s entirely crowdsourced, the first ever of its kind. Named The Weekender, it’s a collection consisting of 27 pieces that range from leopard print skirts to slinky slip dresses to leather motorcycle jackets to boyfriend jeans. Whatever your weekend needs might be, you can find a suitable piece from the collection, and you can find them all in sizes 12 to 28. 

Both ELOQUII and Refinery29 surveyed more than a thousand women across the country and were asked about what they wanted to see and experience in the clothing that they wear. The result was an all-encompassing range of sizes, styles, and tastes that can truly be said to be size- and lifestyle-inclusive. 

Holly Bissonnette |

The brands chose 29 ambassadors to represent their timely collaboration, and these ambassadors were all featured in the campaign’s promotional video. One of these ambassadors said, “My words were put into action. I feel very proud of that. ” Another one celebrated the fact that the entire design team believed in the cause and went about the whole process keeping the plus-size community’s feelings and expectations well in their minds. 

This point of view was echoed by the team who conceptualized and created the collection. Laura Delarato, Refinery29’s senior creative director, said about the collection, “The Weekender is not just a clothing line to me. This is my love letter to every plus-size woman who never felt heard in her style wants. This is for every girl who was told she could only shop in the accessory section. This is for her, by her, and made with her at the forefront of every decision.”

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