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These Four Plus-Size Models Decided To Stand Up Against Their Online Haters

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Anyone who has a social media profile is susceptible to Internet trolls. You can ignore them, as most people would. You will always hear advice such as “ignore the hater” and “stay positive.” Some choose not to sit back and take the high road. Instead, the prefer to challenge the bullies and fight back. 

Each person has their own style and own way of dealing with bullies. In this article, we highlight four plus-size models who found it more effective to fight back. These four decided to answer their body-shamers and Internet trolls.  These models prefer to promote body positivity and hope to inspire others to stand up for yourself instead of letting the haters affect your self-esteem.

Iskra Lawrence

Plus-Size Model

Some people left nasty comments on Iskra Lawrence‘s profile. They called her a fat cow and said she was “eating too many bags of crisps.” The British model who starred in Aerie‘s unedited campaign called AerieREAL. She has previously spoken out about embracing all types of figures. She fought back against her haters by posting a great photo of herself on her Instagram page. In the photo, she looks great lying in her underwear surrounded by bags of chips. 

Ashley Graham

Plus-Size Model

Ashley Graham is arguably the most well-known plus-size model these days. In the month of March, she appeared in five beauty magazines. She is one of the few to transcend her fame in the plus-size industry and just be known as a model. She was named Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Rookie of the Year for 2016. Recently, she was on the cover of Maxim America.

This explosion of fame and ability to be featured on so many magazines that aren’t known to feature bigger models shows just how far the industry has come. It also signifies the role that Ashley has played in breaking stereotypes that models should only be a size 0. 

Ashley is full-figured and proud. She works hard to maintain her body, and she will not sit back while you try to fat-shame her.

She said in January, “As far as dressing curvy girls in active wear, I mean, maybe the assumption was that we don’t work out but, honey, I work out. I wouldn’t be this cute if I didn’t work out.”

While the haters will continue to come after her, but Ashley will continue to flaunt what she has. She wrote on her Instagram page, “#ThisBody is made for kicking some major bootay! #beautybeyondsize.”

Lindsey Swift

Plus-Size Model

Lindsey Swift doesn’t work as a plus-size model, but she has been featured on the cover of Women’s Running UK. She became known in the media when she fought back against a stranger who decided it was appropriate to be judgmental while Lindsey was out on her run.

She posted an open letter on her Facebook page where she wrote: 

“I am indeed a big girl, and I am indeed beautiful, Thanks for noticing. I’m not sure who you were telling I was fat, you clearly have eyes, and the only other people present were me and my boyfriend. I assure you that despite your concern, I do own a mirror, and my boyfriend has seen my fat body as he too has eyes. Don’t tell anyone, but I think he might even like it.”

“Normally, I don’t get militant about these things, idiots are idiots. However, I can see why comments like these might put a person less confident than me off from running, and that is shameful. Everyone starts somewhere.”

“Let me make one thing very clear, I am not ashamed of my body. It has never stopped me from doing anything I want.” 

When Women’s Running placed her on their cover, they sent a message to help banish the belief that plus-size people do not exercise or don’t take care of their bodies. While it was only a one-time modeling job, it certainly sent a strong message.

Zach Miko

Plus-Size Model

Zach Miko was the first male model to be signed on to IMG‘s recently launched Brawn division. While he was growing up, he has always felt like he was lacking something because his body did not fit in with what is commonly thought of as attractive. Since becoming part of the fashion industry, he has become a body positivity advocate.

Miko says, “It’s an insane cycle that can have disgusting consequences. We need more and more men to stand up and say they are truly happy with the size and shape they are and be genuine.”

Miko was happy when he learned Aerie was doing an ad campaign that would feature all shapes and sizes of men called #AerieMan. That campaigned was later revealed to be an April Fools’ joke which upset Miko and the other models who participated. He talked about his disappointment on Instagram.

He wrote on a post, “This is disappointing on many levels. Not only was the issue of body positivity for men made fun of, but it felt to many of us as if it was discounted completely. Every young boy who felt as if they were finally being accepted and included was told once more that they are less than, and that their feelings do not matter.”

He added, “I want everyone, men, boys, women, and girls to know that who they are is worthy and they are beautiful.”

These are just four plus-size models who took a stand against the haters, bullies, and trolls, and they won the fight. Bullying of any sort should never be tolerated, and these models are just some awesome examples of people who promote body positivity and put body-shamers in their place.

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