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Top 10 Frustrations for Every Plus-Size Shopper

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Shopping is one of the most engaging hobbies that most women have. However, there is one particular pet peeve that usually takes away the enjoyment from these shopping sprees and that is picking out right size of an outfit you would love to have.


Despite the good news of retailers opening up their clothing racks to the plus-size market, not everyone are actually embracing the trend with open arms. In a recent poll conducted on the social media site, Facebook, plus-size shoppers share their most frustrating stories about shopping for outfits, which do not fit them or simply don’t have their size.

Here are the top ten nightmarish encounters that these shoppers faced during their shopping expeditions:

1. “Not seeing the same cuts/styles available in larger sizes as they are for smaller sizes. If a store sells a top, for example, in a size XXS, they should have it in XXL and up, too. Let ME decide what looks good [on] ME!” — Facebook user Natalia Oleksy

2. “Looking for clothes that don’t look like they are maternity clothes. There is a huge difference between a larger size and being pregnant.” — Facebook user Lilly Christine Nolta


3. “The models they use to show plus-sized clothes are not true plus-sized people.” — Facebook user Vivian Sullivan Nwankpah

4. “Lack of ‘basic’ clothing. Basic T-shirts in a decent, soft cotton are so hard to come by. They’re either tent-sized or made out of awful materials.” — Facebook user Rebecca Lisi

5. “It seems like if you are big, designers think you want to look frumpy rather than stylish.” — Facebook user Laura Anderson

6. “No decent suiting. Everything is matronly.” — Facebook user Adrienne Marin


7. “Lack of stylish options and one-size-fits-all-shapes reasoning.” — Facebook user Amber Gatlin

8. “It’s like trying to decide which expensive burlap sack to buy. Ugh.” — Facebook user Figgy Pierce

9. The way stores squeeze in the plus-size section in the back of the store, and in the case of Target, mix it right in with maternity.” — Facebook user Kristi Vaile

10. “I think that stores who offer plus-sizes online should also have those options in the store, so people can try clothes on rather than take a chance ordering online, paying shipping and then having to return what doesn’t fit. People shouldn’t be shamed out of the stores and only have online options.” — Facebook user Christine Dolan

Although there is a good reason for people to celebrate about how the plus-sized community is now being accepted by the general public, the comments above show that it still has a long way to go. One cannot deny that society and the media play a crucial role in shaping how people should  think about plus-sized people. And, it is about time that these two influential bodies should  change their perspective of what being beautiful really means.

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