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Top 5 Everyday Beauty Tricks From Plus-Size Models

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There is more to being a plus-size model than just striking a dramatic pose in front of the camera. Like any other modeling job, becoming a model for the plus-size industry is as much of an art form as acting, dancing and singing. And, contrary to popular belief, it is not a profession that promotes vanity. Instead, it is where hard work, discipline and passion should come in spades.

However, it cannot be denied that models, even the curvier ones, are known as among the most ‘flawless’ individuals on the planet. This is probably because the media has been quite effective in glamorizing these otherwise ordinary people, who are actually far from being perfect. They, too, have zit breakouts or bad hair days, just like the rest of us.

So, checkout these top beauty tricks from plus size models that you can use to look your best every day:

1.) Look More Awake Without Caffeine

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Caffeine is a lot of people’s ‘perk up friend’ when ramping up for the day. However, there will be instances when you might not have the luxury of stopping over even for a cup, especially if you are already running late.

One trick that models swear by when they still have their sleepy face on is the light-colored metallic eye shadow. To brighten up your face, you can smudge a small amount of eye shadow on the inside ‘v’ of your eyes. This will create the optical illusion of your eyes being bigger, hence giving the impression that you are more awake than you really are.

2.)  Use Eye Shadow to Conceal Allergies

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Not a fan of eye shadows? Then, here is a reason that might persuade you to start loving it. Allergies come unexpectedly and the last thing you want to happen is getting caught sporting puffy, bloodshot eyes. One handy trick you can do to dispel this is to swipe on navy blue-colored eye shadow on your lids. The color will highlight the whites of your eyes, giving them a fresher look.

3.) Protect Your Hair with Silk


Do you want to get rid of bad hair days for good? Then, treat your hair to some silk.

Unknown to many, one of the greatest offenders for having rough and dry hair is the material of your pillow case. So, to tame those unruly tresses, switch your old cotton pillow case for silk, as this fabric is quite easy on your hair and will cause less damage.

4.) Minimize Use of ‘Color Correction’

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To ‘naturally’ hide your flaws, choose a concealer that are both lighter and darker in shade than your natural skin tone. After applying the concealer, put on moisturizer instead of foundation. This blend will keep things more natural. One important tip to remember is to never use the same shade of concealer under your eyes and on your chin zit.

5.) Be Picture Perfect


Let’s face it, all the makeup in the world will not conceal the flaws your want to hide from the world. There are ways, however that can help you highlight your assets, especially if you are posing for the camera.

One such example is instead of saying the word ‘cheese’ when smiling in front of the camera, go for the word ‘Thursday’. The first syllable of the word will give you sexy, pouty lips, while the second syllable will open up to a nice smile.

Makeup may be anyone’s best friend, but even plus-size models swear by these simple life hacks to get by a rough day. Remember that you do not have to lather yourself with a thick layer of makeup just to look pretty and refreshed. The simplest trick of the book is to always look your best naturally, without looking too made up.

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