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Top 5 Shops for the Minimalist Plus-Size Fashionista

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Although plus-size women are encouraged to embrace their curves and accept their bodies, regardless of shape and size, not all of them are open to wearing the form-fitting or bolder pieces prevalent now in the fashion industry for the fuller-figured community. There are still those who wish to stick to the classier, timeless, and more sophisticated pieces that they are comfortable to wear anywhere they want. These are the women, who wish to stick to the minimalist trend, which is mostly composed of understated clothing in neutral colors like white or black.

As this style is currently the buzzword now in the plus size world, it is no wonder that there are also shops providing fashion pieces with cleaner lines and more solid colors. They are appealing to the number of curvy women, who prefer the “dressed down” or more casual way of dressing. So, if splashy colors, cut-outs and sequins aren’t your thing, here are five of the best shops that are now catering to the minimalist trend:

1.) Mei Smith NYC

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This particular brand is quite new to the plus size market but it is already making quite a scene. It is the brainchild of fashion designer Ayanna Wu Celestin, who wanted to provide a different kind of fashion staple that has not yet been delivered to the plus size market. This new brand is widely recognized for bringing minimalist staples presented in classic-colored schemes. Provided by indie designers, the pieces provided by this shop don’t come cheap, but they are guaranteed to be timeless and can still be used in the years to come.

2.) Missguided

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This UK-based fashion brand was created by Nittin Passi. It provides a solid selection of basic fashion pieces that are easy on the budget. Aside from its strong and impressive collections, Missguided is also known for its on-time deliveries and excellent customer service.

3.) Carmakoma

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If you want a minimalist style with a rocker edge, then the Scandinavian line Carmakoma is the perfect brand for you. It is popular for its almost monochrome palette, with an edgy twist. Their top of the line collection screams of the modern, minimalist look that is both feminine and punk-cool, at the same time.

4.) Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack

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Love to update your wardrobe with new and trending basic pieces, then look no further than this fashion brand. Known for their impressive collection of well-made basics, it also usually have great items with marked down prices. They also boasts of fresh fashion lines that you can pair with the classic staples in your wardrobe.

5.) Mimu Maxi

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Mimu Maxi is a fashion brand that was created by sisters-in-law Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik. The fashion duo wanted to create a modest yet fashionable trend that plus-size women can wear. So, if you think muumuus and sack dresses are horrible, then you haven’t seen their wonderful pieces. Handmade particularly in New York or the City that Never Sleeps, Mimu Maxi’s collection gives these once-deplorable style a much-needed boost and transformed them into fashionable pieces that everyone would want to have in their closet.

As a full-figured woman, you don’t have to compromise your minimalist style just to look trendy. Creating your own personal style does not need to be too bold or brash. You can still go for those timeless pieces and allow them to make their own statement, in a more understated yet sophisticated way.

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