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Top 8 Plus-Size Fashion Brands for Curvy Women

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Fashion is for all shapes and sizes. This is backed up by famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s words that says ‘fashion is not only for the slim and slender’.

Due to the growing demand for clothing sizes that fit the fuller and curvier woman, several fashion brands have extended their clothes collections to cater to the plus-size market. Several of them even created specific plus-size fashion pieces that celebrate the curvy woman at their finest.

These fashion finds will give the plus-size community the chance to create their own personalized styles and feel totally great about themselves. So, if you are a plus-size woman, who is looking to ramp up your wardrobe, here are the top eight fashion brands you should know about:

1.) Asos Curve

Asos Curve

ASOS Curve is a branch of the famous British online fashion and beauty store, The brand caters to young adults with its wide range of clothing and accessories.

ASOS Curve was launched in January 22, 2010 and was made specifically to cater to plus-size women. This line offers trendy, flashy, sexy, and affordable pieces that range from accessories to swimwear. The pieces found in the collection are for women with the dress size of 18 and above.

2.) Junarose


For those plus-size women who want to put a bit of California flair in their wardrobe, this fashion brand does just that.

Junarose is a fashion line that comes from the fashion brand Bestseller A/S. This privately owned company is based in Denmark and is considered to be one of the largest fashion companies in the world.

Their plus-size clothing line is composed of wearable and very fashionable pieces. One of the main features of their websites is a category that offers a style guide for plus-size women.

3.) H&M

H&M Model

This Swedish retail clothing company is known for its fast fashion clothing for men, women, children and teenagers. Fast fashion clothing refers to the kind of clothes and accessories found on the runway that are manufactured to be available to the public.

For those who wish to spruce up their wardrobe with pieces right from the runway, then this brand is just for you.

4.) Cut for Evans

Cut For Evans Model

This particular fashion brand was created by students from Kingston and Bournemouth Universities. They saw the need to create a clothing line that knows no limit in terms of giving their market the latest trends in the fashion scene.

The head designer of Evans, Rebecca Vann Reicher, wanted fashion students to think bigger in terms of creating a clothing line. Vann Reicher is recognized for being critical of the fashion industry for only showcasing clothes that are size 8 and below. Her passion gave birth to the line’s beautiful and on trend pieces.

5.) Net a Porter

Net a Porter

Net a Porter is a high fashion clothing brand that operates through its website in a magazine-like style. This clothing brand is the brain child of fashion entrepreneur Natalie Massenet and was first launched in London in June 2000.

It is the only online shopping destination that features fabulous designers, who cater to women with dress sizes of 18 up to 20.

6.) Maria Rinaldi

Maria Rinaldi

This clothing line is a branch of the famous Italian Max Mara Fashion Group that features over 35 different fashion labels. This specific line in the fashion brand caters specifically to plus size women.

One of its highlights is the famous The Voyage collection that features coats and separates with a classic flair. Its MR Denim collection was also launched way back in 2011 and features seven different styles designed for seven different body types.

A creation from this line was even worn by Hollywood actress Melissa McCarthy during the 2012 Academy Awards.

7.) navabi


If you are looking for a go-to online website that features not only trendy clothing and accessories, but also fashion advice from the pros, then this is the perfect website just for you. Their site features advice from known individuals in the industry, including Netherlands-based blogger Edith Dohmen.

8.) Upper Street

Upper Street

For those who want to amp up their wardrobe with all the latest and most chic fashion pieces, then this is the brand that’s right for you.

Upper Street caters specifically to footwear of women with shoe sizes up to 44 and they even come in different widths. This brand is the ultimate go to place for designer footwear that comes in the right size and is perfect fit for you.

The plus-size fashion brands listed above are just among the many that now provides choices to the plus size community. One of the greatest things about increased awareness and acceptance of plus size women is the fact that more and more fashion brands are now branching out to cater specifically to women, who have both beauty and curves to show to the world.



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