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Getting in Touch with Plus-Size Modeling Agencies: A Step-by-Step Guide

Kickstarting a career for the plus-size modeling industry is a tough battle, and it takes good marketing skills to find your way up. There are many ways to do that: develop an employer-friendly social media presence, build a strong modeling portfolio, and consistently getting in touch with plus-size modeling agencies, among others. With all the already-established plus-size models in your…

How Do You Deal with Rejection in the Modeling World?

Modeling sounds like an exciting job, but a proper career takes time and patience to develop. It’s not always glitz and glamour. It’s early mornings, long commutes, levelheadedness under pressure, packing and unpacking, dealing with criticism, staying relevant, and keeping your attitude in check. Modeling isn’t all about earning money from looking pretty. It’s actually a tough job to make…

Alex Boos, Plus-Size Model Agent, Shares Tips to Aspiring Plus-Size Models

Plus fashion pioneer Alex Boos has propelled the industry forward by working as a model; on-air spokesperson; fashion, fit, and brand consultant; fashion PR and marketer; fashion show and photo shoot producer; as well as marketing and creative director of the top plus fashion magazine. After almost 25 years of modeling full time with the Ford agency in NYC and working for clients…

Struggling Mom Shares How Her Hobby of Taking Selfies Turns into a Career as a Fetish Model

Sabien Demonia used to be struggling on benefits and then her selfies and Fetish Modeling became her money maker and confidence booster and her life took a turn for the better. [media-credit id=232 align="aligncenter" width="640"][/media-credit]The single mother used to have a hard time buying clothes for her children. She moved to the UK from Poland in 2010, and she worked…

The Best Places to Buy Plus-Size Clothing

A curvier woman might have trouble when it comes to clothes shopping. This is because most brick and mortar shops aren't well stocked with plus-size clothing. Plus, almost all clothing available in these shops are shapeless and not fashionable. Because of this, plus-size women are left with no other choice, but to search online for the best buys. When they go on the Internet,…

Be Rich and Famous through Plus-Size Teenage Modeling

Models start as early as the age they reach puberty including those that are interested to join plus-size teenage modeling. This field of fashion modeling has grown bigger and well-known. So teens have become more and more interested to take part in this field of modeling. Teenage plus-size models usually range from 13 to 19. At this age range, they…