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Everything About 11 Honoré’s NYFW Debut

11 Honoré, the leading plus-size e-tailer of designer clothing, kicked off New York Fashion Week with huge success! 11 Honoré's NYFW Debut For decades, designers operated on the unfounded standards of what a runway model looks like: tall, thin, and mostly white. But then here comes 11 Honoré, founded by Patrick Herning, the e-commerce high-end brand significantly challenging the fashion world's body…

Fashion Nova Gains Fans’ Praise for Unedited Photos of Plus-Size Models

It's hard to find a brand that truly represents plus-size women. If you do, their curvy models look flawless in pictures. You'll wonder why they don't have cellulite, thigh creases, and stretch marks just like you do. Well, those women are gorgeous still, but the photo editing is just way over the top that it takes away the essence of representing a certain demographic. Plus-size ladies don't think…

Biggest Plus-Size Moments in 2018

So much has happened in 2018 and no one could ever enumerate all the good stuff the year has brought. But even though some were bittersweet stories, everybody would agree that the past year was the most remarkable, fruitful, and productive year for the plus-size community. Curvy men and women from all around the world courageously—and successfully—battled through criticisms, body-shaming, and conventional beauty. To celebrate the…

Tess Holliday Stars on the Cover of ‘Self’ Magazine’s First Digital Issue

Self magazine, which recently switched from being a print to digital-only publication, has been receiving paraises for featuring a plus-size model on its first-ever digital cover. Tess Holliday Graces Self Magazine's First Digital Cover Known as the magazine for women that tackles health, nutrition, wellness, beauty, and style in ways that are appealing and helpful to their target demographic, Self magazine…

Plus-Size Model Jada Sezer Runs London Marathon in Her Underwear to Promote Body-Positivity

Since 1981, the London Marathon Limited gathers thousands of runners to participate in the annual marathon aimed at raising money for good causes. This year, an estimated number of 40,000 runners showed up. But of these thousands of participants, a pair of runners caught the attention of many, not because of how fast they reached the finish line but for…

Plus-Size Models Recreate Calvin Klein Ad to Prove an Important Point

Three months into the year and more powerful movements have been started to promote body diversity. The latest on the list is the #WeAreBigAndTall project by blogger Darnel Ghramm. Plus-Size Models Recreate Calvin Klein Ad to Change Perception of Male Beauty In December 2017, Calvin Klein launched their latest installment of the #MyCalvins campaign starring musical group A$AP Mob. The #MyCalvins…

Blogger Brianna McDonnell Creates #BeInYourSkin 2018 Calendar to Celebrate Plus-Size Women Everywhere

Pirelli has taken huge strides in revamping their iconic calendars after a public outcry for more diversity. Now the Italian company has included diverse models of all cultural backgrounds, colors, and body size. The move has earned them praise from several people. However, for one woman, this single effort was not enough to inspire the everyday woman. Meet Brianna McDonnell, the body-positive fashion blogger…

Plus-Size Model Iskra Lawrence, Who Was Rejected for Having Hips ‘Too Big,’ Poses for Lingerie Brand Aerie

American Eagle lingerie brand Aerie does not airbrush its models. They have seen their sales rise in recent months, and now they took another step to stand out from their competition. While Aerie has always promoted "real women" with curvier shapes, their new ambassador is the beautiful Iskra Lawrence who has often been called a plus-size model, though she doesn't want…

Meet the Woman Who Is Making Headlines as Penthouse’s First Plus-Size Model

Kelly Shibari is a plus-size model who does not look like the typical models you see in a spread for Penthouse magazine. Throughout its history in publication, the magazine is known to promote models that fit the conventional standard of beauty—very thin, petite bodies. Half-Asian and curvaceous, Shibari is 43. She is considered unique in her adult entertainment industry. She has…