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Plus-Size Models Share Their Thoughts on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been known as the fashion industry’s biggest event of the year. The top models of the industry strut down the runway sporting eye-catching lingerie and lavish wings, much to the astonishment and awe of the whole world. But if there is one criticism that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show often finds itself in hot water for, it is the lack of body diversity.

Plus-Size Models Speak Out on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria's Secret

This year, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show made history by having a pregnant Irina Shayk walk down the runway in Paris. But Shayk hardly passes as a plus-size model. In fact, audiences hardly even noticed that the size 4 model had a growing baby bump during the famous event. The lack of diversity has prompted many models to call out the brand and voice out their own concerns. 

In an interview with Mashable, these plus-size models had a lot to say about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Find out their thoughts below.

Olivia Campbell is a plus-size model signed under Bridge Models. She has done a number of campaigns for DearCurves, Belvia Shapewear, and Meloncup Swimwear. Campbell also gained worldwide attention after proudly declaring that she is fat. 

Olivia Campbell

Mashable: What are your thoughts on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?


 To me the VS fashion show is an iconic moment in the fashion calendar. It’s sexy, opulent, and always extravagant but sadly often lacking true diversity whether that be size, ability, or race! I’d like to see more of all forms of diversity on the VS runway. 

Do you feel excluded by the show?

I feel more excluded by VS’s lack of larger sizes in general. I popped into a store last time I was in NY and they don’t even make bras vaguely near my UK 34HH bust, though it is extremely frustrating that there is still no size diversity in the VS Fashion Show at all. It is just completely unrepresentative of such a vast number of women. 

What would it mean to see a curve model on the VSFS runway?

It would mean a huge deal to myself, and I’m sure my fans would agree. To have visibility and representation is hugely important, so to see a larger model on the catwalk would be incredible. I don’t think I know a model plus-size or otherwise who wouldn’t jump at the chance to walk in the VS show! 

Her message to Victoria’s Secret:

VS, throw us some curves for 2017 *pretty please.*

Joby Bach shares Campbell’s sentiments. The Canadian plus-size model has built her career by appearing on several magazines. She would also like to see a curvy model walk down the Victoria’s Secret runway. 

Joby Bach

Mashable: What are your thoughts on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

Bach: I think the show is amazing. It’s a great platform for women; it’s just a pity that they don’t represent all women with their concept.

Do you feel excluded by the show?

Being excluded feels like they do not acknowledge that beauty comes in all shape and size, and I think they need to change that.

What would it mean to see a curve model on the VSFS runway?

It would mean the world to me and my fans. It would be refreshing if they pick me for the show next year, but they can also pick a lot more plus-models like Hunter McGrady or Brittany Blair.

Anything you’d like to say to the public?

I believe that if you focus on the positive things, you will also accept that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s not the body that matters, it’s the personality, and companies need to change their promotion to a more body-positive approach.

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