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Vogue UK Editor Slams Fashion Labels That Refuse to Dress Ashley Graham

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Ashley Graham is one of the most coveted models of this generation. She is often regarded as an influential personality in the industry. She isn’t afraid to share her views on the lack of plus-size models in mainstream fashion. The size 14 model and America’s Next Top Model judge continues to make history by being the first curvy model to appear on the cover of Vogue UK. But prior to Graham’s triumphant cover, editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman revealed that a number of fashion brands reportedly refused to dress the January cover girl.

Vogue UK Editor: “There were other houses that flatly refused to lend us their clothes”

Vogue UK

Women who are beyond the sample size already find it difficult to find trendy outfits in retail stores, so the lack of options has prompted many to campaign for more diversity. Fashion has time and time again tried to address the concern by being more inclusive, but the controversy surrounding Ashley Graham’s Vogue UK cover continues to make it difficult for women everywhere. 

Ashley Graham

After thanking Coach for dressing up Graham for the January issue of the high-fashion magazine, Shulman revealed in her editor’s letter that a number of brands turned down the opportunity to dress the plus-size model. She wrote,

“They were enthusiastic about dressing a woman who is not a standard model, but sadly there were other houses that flatly refused to lend us their clothes. It seems strange to me that while the rest of the world is desperate for fashion to embrace broader definitions of physical beauty, some of our most famous fashion brands appear to be travelling [sic] in the opposite—and, in my opinion, unwise—direction.”

The letter quickly spread like wildfire online after it was reblogged by prominent media outlets all over the Internet. As a result, the online community demanded Shulman to name the designers who chose not to provide clothes for Graham’s Vogue UK cover. 


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Graham, who has had a highly successful year after gracing the cover of Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit issue, did not comment on the said issue. However, she remained active on social media after posting an artwork of herself as a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model.

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