Plus-Size Modeling Tips

What You Should Know About Becoming a Plus-Size Model

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Plus-size model Crystal Renn is the most sought after model in the plus-size modeling genre today. Along with other plus-size supermodels Gitte Lill, Marquita Pring and Alyona Osmanova, she was the first chosen by Ford to be in American Vogue.

Last year was the bloom of the career for Renn as she did French Vogue. Ford’s new agent Gary Dankin wants her to work more on advertising more plus-size shows in both runway and print. The new agent is assigned for the Ford+, the latest division in Ford modeling agency. It gives the chance for models with size 10 or 12 to start their career in the fashion modeling business.

How Ford is Welcoming Plus-Size Models

Ford is opening its doors for models who want to do plus-size modeling. Some modeling agencies do not have the division. According to Next agent Stephen Lee, they don’t have “plus-size” division because “we don’t feel like we need to categorize girls.” Other agencies that do not have plus-size models are DNA, IMG and Elite.

The new Ford models that got signed up are young and healthy-looking. They are far from the typical waif, anorexic models. If you are an aspiring model who wants to make it big in the modeling industry, then you have to sign up for a plus-size friendly modeling firm. The top plus-size agencies include Ford, Wilhelmina and JAG. They provide you with the best modeling jobs as a plus-size model.

How to Start Out as a Plus-Size Model

If you’re an aspiring plus-size model who wants to be rich and famous in the modeling industry, then you have to get signed up. But getting a top modeling agency is quite difficult especially if you just start as a model. Get your talent discovered by subscribing on an online talent resource site (e.g. Explore Talent) first.

Once you have lots of modeling experiences, you will have a larger chance to be signed up by the top modeling agencies of your choice. It only requires for you to sacrifice your time and money, work hard with your craft as well as have lots of patience to wait for the right moment. The only thing to remember is to keep on trying for modeling auditions.

Tips on Making It in the Plus-Size Industry

Being a plus-size model really requires you to focus and get used to rejections. Not all modeling castings and auditions will say “YES” to you. After you’ve had lots of experiences as a model, modeling agencies can turn you down and make you wait. Never give up on your dream. Continue finding modeling jobs, making your network strong and get better with your modeling skills. Sometimes all it takes is to wait for the right time to get your big break.

Why should you rely on an online talent resource site? First, it provides you with fast and convenient modeling castings and auditions. Second, you will be given the chance to network through networking get-togethers (parties, shows and charities). Next, judges on modeling auditions will get impressed in hearing the company since it provides assistance to more than 7 million members who want to act, sing, model or be a crew in the entertainment business. So, if you want to be a plus-size model, you have to subscribe to Explore Talent site.

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