Plus-Size Modeling Tips

Ways to Jumpstart Your Plus-Size Modeling Career

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The beginning stage of a plus-size modeling career can be scary. It can give you goose-bumps beyond compare. However, if you’re really interested in being a plus-size model and you have the height and curves that modeling companies are looking for, then you have to audition to find modeling jobs and begin your career as a model.

Be Curious

The first thing you need to do if you become interested in venturing into something like plus-size modeling is to be curious. Being curious means you have to know more about the career you’ll be building. Keep in mind that plus-size modeling is part of the fashion world. So, it needs you to be open-minded and creative in the best way that you could, particularly in voicing out your ideas.

Be a Part of an Agency

The next and most important thing that you will have to do is to pick out an agency where you can start off your plus-size modeling career. These agencies will help you, nurture you and most importantly find a job for you. Take time to compare each and every modeling company that you would want to be part of.

Ford Models is considered to be one of the most prime modeling agencies in the international fashion scene. Being part of the Ford models will make you rich and famous. Though it does not really focus on its plus-size modeling division, it makes one known through the agency’s brand.

Wilhelmina Models consider lots of plus-size models through its onshore and offshore offices. It is also one of the oldest and phenomenal modeling agencies that aspiring models like you must look up to.

Model Service Agencies, with Goddess as its plus-size division require women wearing size 10 to 20. Trying out at the agency will be beneficial since it does not really give much strict requirements to plus-size models.

Dorothy Combs Models usually needs models starting 5’9” in height. They must also fit clothes in sizes 10 and beyond.

Irene Marie Models agreed to accept models even at the age of 15, with age limit of 30 years old. They also require models with size 10 to 16. Their minimum height requirement is only 5’8”.

In the US, the plus-size category usually starts if your clothes size already exceed size 6. So, it doesn’t necessarily entail that you have to ‘go large’ to be considered as a plus-size woman. There are even models that are already considered plus-size even when they don’t have ample curves.

Find Inspiration

Start your plus-size modeling career through looking at plus-size models like Brianna Harrington, Connie, Robin Lawley, Laura Baldwin, Stephanie Shiu, Bella Allan, Katie Green, Kate Dillion, and Lindsay Brown as your inspirations. Be encouraged by how they succeeded and became known in their careers as plus-size models.

Just remember that getting a modeling job can be hard at first. At times you will even be forced to join free fashion shows and commercial projects just to place something on your portfolio. For a better solution, become a member of an online talent search company that could help you launch your plus-size modeling career.

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