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#WeAreTheThey Campaign Created as Reply to Jamelia’s Plus-Size Comment

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If there is something good that came out of British singer Jamelia’s controversial comment about plus-size clothing, it is the launch of the plus-size campaign called #WeAreTheThey.

British Singer Jamelia

Despite the apology and the clarification that the 34-year-old British singer made about her comments on Loose Women, some women still found her statements quite disturbing. One of them is the founder of the denim brand Beauty in Curves, Alice Dogruyol.

She has been quoted saying:

We come in all shapes and sizes and we all deserve to enjoy shopping for clothes whether we are a size zero or a size 20 plus. It is such a shame that Jamelia has used her privileged position of influence to encourage people to feel ashamed of themselves.”

The #WeAreTheThey campaign emerged as a response to Jamelia’s comments made on the Loose Women show. The campaign was created by a blogger named Debz, who runs the blog The Not So Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess.

She explained that the WeAreTheThey hashtag was not aimed to ‘ignoring the bullies’. She provided a brief description below of what the campaign is all about:

“The whole point of the hashtag is not health or weight. People’s health is their own business and if someone chooses to be plus size and healthy or unhealthy that is up to them. The idea behind the hashtag is that EVEN if people are unhealthy, they have a right to buy clothing without being made to feel uncomfortable.”

The blogger further elaborated how the Loose Women panelist had discriminated a large spectrum of people by making them uncomfortable because of their ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle and how they will never be accepted.

Here are just some of the numerous posts of women that celebrated their curves with the hashtag WeAreTheThey:

#WeAreTheThey Post
#WeAreTheThey Post
#WeAreTheThey Post

British singer Jamelia recently came under fire for her controversial comment on how plus-size clothing should only be sold in specialist stores.



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