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Chic Winter Clothes for Curvy Women

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Just because the days are getting colder doesn’t mean you should end up looking like a frumpy miss. Showcase your fabulous curves in the most chic winter clothes and well-put layers. Learn how you can challenge yourself by recreating only the best street styles of fashion bloggers and top retail brands below.

Steal Her Style: Fab Winter Clothes for Curvy Women

Remember that when it comes to shopping for winter clothes, there are two things to put into consideration: comfort and style. After all, you never know when that outfit will come in handy. It can be used for a big event, a casual night out, or just another day at the office. Sure, your old parka might be hanging in your closet waiting for you to wear it as the days get colder, but it never really hurts to kick things up a notch. After all, being the most fashionable and chic person in the room definitely has its perks. 

1. Stand out with a pop of color

Winter clothes may come in solid shades of white, navy blue, or gray, but mixing in that occasional pop of color will make your overall look less dreary. Take a cue from plus-size model and blogger @SamelaCurve and learn to stand out by rocking a bold red hat.

Samela Ramovic

2. Tweed skirts

Anything made out of tweed sends out a chic vibe, especially when paired with the right outfit. So as you prepare for another chilly day in the office, consider putting on your favorite tweed skirt and pair it with a plain white blouse and a colorful scarf.

Tweed skirts

3. Experiment with faux fur

Sara Conley (@StyleIt) looks Instagram ready with her blue-green faux-fur coat. Faux fur gives any winter outfit that much needed push to make it look extra chic and stylish. The best part? You can always find huge deals in major retail stores, especially when shopping off season. 

Sara Conley

4. Neutral toned coats

When in doubt, go neutral. Neutral-toned winter clothes go well with just about any skin type, so you’ll be able to pair off your outfit with anything in your wardrobe. 

Neutral Toned Coats

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