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Ad Showing Plus-Size Stockings ‘Stretched Out’ by Slim Models Faces MAJOR Backlash

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The online retailer has sparked an outrage on social media after a bizarre ad featuring slim models stretching out plus-size stockings was released. The tongue-in-cheek photos were originally used to promote the brand’s anti-tear tights. But for reasons unknown, the same photos were used to showcase’s plus-size leg wear. For obvious reasons, the campaign was met with an overwhelming backlash online. Experiences Backlash Online Over Plus-Size Stockings Ad

Magic Tights’s latest body-shaming advertisement has not escaped the wrath of online users. It was first pointed out by comedian Kathryn Way who posted images of the ad on her Twitter page. 

In one photo, a model can be seen pulling up a pair of plus-size stockings up to her nose. Since the tights are transparent, her slender physique further emphasizes just how big the tights are. A separate photograph sees a model in a similar pose, perhaps to highlight just how roomy it is. 

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The images quickly went viral, and there was an influx of negative comments directed toward the retailer, particularly from women. Users have called out for putting down plus-size women, stating that the move was both “disgusting” and “horrendous.” It is certainly ironic how the ad’s target audience are the very ones who are calling them out. 

@SaimaMohsin said, “Who on earth thought of this?! Oh look. You are so much bigger than this thin model she would fit into one of your legs?!!! So offensive.”

@TattedLisaBibby also posted an unhappy comment, saying, “ ‘s ad of plus sized tights stretched over slim sized models entire bodies’ disgusting! I will never again look at their website, much less purchase anything from them!! This is horrendous!”

@Jem758 also voiced out her thoughts, commenting, “ might as well not make the tights, because I doubt plus-sized people would buy from them after this.”

This isn’t the first time a fashion company was put on the hot seat for having slim models advertise plus-size products. Fashion Nova, a brand endorsed by reality star Kylie Jenner, faced major heat back in April when its “Curvy and Confident” campaign featured size 2 models. 

Hopefully, 2018 will ring more socially awake brands in the fashion industry, particularly those looking to promote body diversity through their collections. 

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