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Woman Accused of Faking Weight Loss Reveals New Figure After Removing Excess Skin

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It was on August 29 of 2014 when Simone Anderson decided to change her life. She weighed 372 pounds, and she wanted to change her lifestyle. 

The 25-year-old underwent a gastric sleeve operation on October 29. In less than a year, the determined young woman managed to lose a whopping 202 pounds. 

To complete her major body transformation, Anderson did a nine-hour surgery to remove her excess skin. She showed off the results on her 88-week update on her Instagram page. The transformation will leave you at a loss for words because it’s so incredible.

The makeup artist is rightfully proud of her achievement. She wrote on her Instagram, “I have completely changed my lifestyle, diet, and exercise. I am thirty three weeks post opp abdominoplasty, bra line back lift, breast lift, and augmentation.”

The majority of her loose skin has been removed. The only part remaining is on her upper thighs and derriere. Proud of her new body, she has also posted many selfies since her body transformation update. She now glows and radiates a confidence she did not have before.

She posted a before-and-after comparison shot of herself and captioned it with these words:

“The human body is incredible, that’s for sure. The places it has taken me, the huge changes it has witnessed and how much it continues to change still blows my mind.”

Simone Anderson Transformation

After having her skin removal surgery, she has had to adjust because doing body weight exercises are a bit of a struggle. She perseveres because she is still hoping to see more changes in her body. From the start of her weight loss journey, Anderson has gained 136,000 followers. With them, she shares her workout regime, diet choices, and inspiring words and advice for those who want to follow her footsteps.

Merely six days post surgery, Anderson went on the Tyra Banks‘s TV show FABLife to show off the difference in her body. While on the show, she revealed that she was happy with her new body even though she was still sore from surgery. She talked of the pressure she felt working in the beauty industry to always look her best. There is a constant pressure to be what society believes as the ideal look or the perfect look.

Simone Anderson Transformation

 She added, “I definitely felt that pressure. You’re around beauty 24/7 and you’re seeing these gorgeous, stick-thin models, so it was always something that was in the back of your mind.” 

Anderson’s diet change was very dramatic. She cut out processed food and started eating smaller portions of food. That simple change improved her lifestyle and her appearance, but most importantly, it changed her life. Doing this was not just for aesthetic purposes. She did not only want to look good, but also she wanted to make herself feel better. When you are walking around in a bigger frame, regular chores like taking out the garbage become harder because you are carrying around excess weight.

Of course, when you post anything on social media, you will have the critics coming after you. Instead of being happy with Anderson’s achievements, the Internet trolls claimed her weight loss was fake because it didn’t appear as if she had a lot of excess skin.

Simone Anderson Transformation

Anderson explained to the Daily Mail Australia, “It was not something I was ashamed or embarrassed of or anything like that. But when I was sports training, I would need to wear compression pants under sports tights to keep it all in place and stop it from bouncing up and down. It would rub and cause bleeding under the skin and I would get belly button infections, it was just incredibly uncomfortable.”

There are just some people who like to spread negativity. They discredit a wonderful achievement like Anderson’s body transformation just to make themselves feel better.

Simone Anderson Transformation

But Anderson has learned to rise above it. She felt violated because she worked so hard to accomplish her goals only to be criticized by strangers online. But they cannot take her marvelous feat away from her.

After she achieved her goal weight, Dr. Remus Rapta from Arizona offered to perform surgery to remove her excess skin. Yes, she lost a great deal of weight, but no amount of exercise would tone or tighten the loose skin. So she underwent the nine-hour operation and looked forward to never having to hide her loose skin in compression garments. She admits that she suffered heavily and went through a lot of pain post procedure, but now her body is so amazing, she’s never been happier. Going through all that hard work and pain was definitely worth it, especially since summer is around the corner and she has fully recovered. You can expect to start seeing bikini pictures soon. 

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